The best thriller audiobooks are all the jazz in this growing section of the publishing world. It’s an amazing fact that the audiobook market is predicted to reach $1.5 billion in 2020 and to sustain 20% – 25% growth for the next several years. To bring further excitement, thrillers and mysteries hold over 65% of the new growth in the market. The titles below are marked with a supportive fan base and intriguing stories. Don’t worry, none of the information below contains any spoilers.


Best Thriller Audiobooks of 2020


Stephen King’s The Institute

Stephen King has been scaring the daylights out of us for years, but this title reminded me more of Stand by Me albeit with cringe-worthy suspense. Labeled as a best thriller audiobook, it follows the story of a child who is kidnapped in the middle of the night after his parents are murdered. He is taken to a place unlike anything he has ever experienced before. It’s apparent that King researched several different situations in this title from his lengthy detail in certain scenes. The average review score on Audible is 4.6 with a whopping 29k reviews. It’s narrated by Santino Fontana. Totaling almost 19 hours, The Institute makes our list of best thriller audiobooks primarily out of its originality and high sales volume. 


Jack Carr’s Savage Son

This book holds over a 4.8 rating with over 5k reviews. With those impressive numbers, it’s no surprise to have made the list of the best thriller audiobooks. The book is about international espionage focusing on a deadly hunt for a woman in Siberia, a sniper who has made a dead or alive list, and the antics of the Russian mafia. The total time count is nearly 13 hours and is narrated by Ray Porter, who a lot of listeners enjoy. It’s also the third book in The Terminal List Book Series.


Dean Koontz’s Devoted

This novel on the best thriller audiobooks list is from the master of suspense himself, Dean Koontz. The audiobook follows a boy and a special dog who can communicate with him, but trouble is certainly brewing. Woody, the highly intelligent and autistic boy, knows something nefarious happened to his father, and now the people responsible for his tragic loss are about to visit his family again. The audiobook is narrated by Edoardo Ballerini and is over 11 hours long. If you enjoy a Koontz book, then this should be on your best thriller audiobook list.


Final Thoughts 


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No matter what, this list of best thriller audiobooks will keep you occupied whether you’re at the house or in the car. However, they might cause you to look over your shoulder a little more than you used to or check under your bed before going to sleep. Grab your copy today and listen at your own risk.



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