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Greetings Moonlighter! I’m excited to be able to share this sneak peek with the Moonlight Community. The audio book turned out so much better than I ever imagined. My hats off to Liam Taylor! He is an extraordinarily gifted narrator and I am so thankful to have found him for this project.

The Last Word



Book Description


Chapter 1

The founder is dead. An invisible war is raging.

When Claire Bigsby buries the founder, the devastating loss seeps into her bones, hollows out her soul. Losing her father, who loved her unconditionally, becomes the hardest chapter of her life.

Can she pick up the shattered pieces?

Absolutely not. Now the real anguish begins.

Lost in a haze of grief, a series of terrifying events fragment her future even further, possibly beyond repair.

Questions arise. Whispers are in the air and they point to her father’s company? What does it mean? And just what exactly happened to her father?

Meanwhile, something is churning in the depths of the corporation.

Executives are lusting for ultimate power. A power so devastating, a secret so deadly, that only the darkest of hearts clamor as it is hastened into existence.

Timothy Moonlight engineers a ramped plot, laden with suspense that transforms into page-turning fiction, pushing you down a dangerous rabbit hole without guardrails. If you like the terrifying antics of Dean Koontz, enjoy gut-wrenching twists you never see coming, and climactic endings that call to you days after you finish reading, then make The Last Word your next book.

Buy The Last Word today and experience the deepest chills of the year for yourself.

Not to be missed, Timothy Moonlight’s startling debut, The Last Word, is a rollercoaster ride filled with twists, turns, and technology. With strong characters and an astonishing plot, Moonlight kept me clinging to the safety bar until The very Last Word.” -Deb Kastner, Publisher’s Weekly Bestselling Author, Editorial Review

“Quite a read…Well written with good character development. Contains some twists and turns which I hadn’t seen coming. At times could be a bit violent in certain scenes but seemed necessary to fully appreciate the ruthlessness of the people behind the deception and what lengths they would go to to complete their latest technological invention…Highly recommend if you enjoy a suspense filled thriller.” – 5 star review Shirley

“…There is an involved, twisty plot that leads the reader to new discoveries around every corner. The author includes interesting characters, good and bad, that will have you rooting for some and cursing the others. The writing is strong and the pacing steady as mysteries are revealed. While every author has their own style, Mr. Moonlight writes in a very meticulous manner which serves him well especially in action scenes…”– 4 star review April

“Wow! What an intense story where you don’t know who you can trust…The futuristic technology created by Moonlight is smart and imaginative, things born of nightmares really….found yourself desperately turning pages to find out what was going on. A very imaginative thriller with excellent characters.” – 5 star review Energy

“Remarkably well-written!…Timothy Moonlight’s prose is both poetic and thought-provoking as he presents reflective segments within the flow of the narrative which encourage personal introspection and immersion within the story, without being jarring or out-of-place. A pervasive tension runs through the novel, and the text is possessed of a definite “one more page” phenomenon…Timothy does an excellent job of adding a believe layer of emotion and humanity to his cast, even his antagonists…I highly recommend this book! – 4 star review Liam

The Last Word audio book will be available on 8/23! 

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