What if You Could:

  • Keep 100% of Your Audio Royalties?


  • Provide Discounts to Your Fans or Create Your Own Sales Discounts?


  • Set Your Own Price?


  • Have Complete Control Over Your Landing Page without Any Other Author Taking Up Your Space?


  • See Not Only Who Bought Your Audio Books, but You Could Add These People to Your Mailing List?



Well, Now You Can!



Click Below to Find Out How!


I’m an author too and I’m tired of giving away most of my royalties to Amazon or Findaway Voices or whatever other retailer sites are out there. I found this site and am selling my audio books on there. Check it out. It is an affiliate link (which means I get a bit of money for the coffee fund), but I only promote products that I use myself. Give yourself the ability to keep all of your royalties!


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