We are to pour our energy into the things we love. Life, being the gift we have been given, as well as the only time we will occupy this space, must not be taken for granted. My place on this Earth won’t last forever. It is a very small span of time in which to live and breathe. What will I do? What pursuits will I choose? It depends on how high I want to reach, how big I can dream, and what it is that I love (just like it is for everyone else).

Writing is where I pour my love. When I think about the novels that prance in my head and then bleed out word for word upon the pages, it fulfills me. It makes me want to pour more of my time into it because it’s a way I can uniquely express myself. Not only that, but with regards to my novels, my poetry, and my attempts to inspire others to action with my motivational content, I hope to brighten someone else’s day.

A good book takes you on an adventure with characters filled with their own pursuits and struggles. They travel the land, sea, or where ever the author’s imagination may describe, but you can enjoy these places from your favorite chair! It makes me think of the book seller in The NeverEnding Story. He captivated Bastian with his description of Captain Nemo. Being able to be a part of the story increases the joy that books bring.

Novel at a Glance

The Last Word is still deep in the edit chamber, being slowly brewed into refinement. As you may have noticed on the home page, the edit bar is moving along.

In the coming weeks, the book cover will be posted as well as the synopsis. Both of these will be posted on the website under the novel tab. If you’re a part of the Moonlight Community, you’ll be notified of the update. I received the book cover yesterday and am thrilled with how it turned out. A big shout out to Dane and the team at ebooklaunch.com. I’m working on several other details before the novel will be released, so I haven’t set a firm date yet.

Progress is being made each day, just as how it’s meant to be with any dream. Our path may involve setbacks, hiccups, or stutters, but it will never be marked by quitting. Going on is the only option we have when our work involves something we love. It has been 9 months since I started writing The Last Word. It all started with a single letter that formed a word, that turned into the first sentence, then the first paragraph, the first chapter.. Progress.

Where are you in your journey? Are you taking on your dreams? Have you thought about what you love in life and how you can pursue it, maybe even as a career? Where will you take yourself today? Where are you in your own personal adventure? If you haven’t started, when will you begin? Today is the day.

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