On most mornings that I wake up, I prepare for the day ahead by climbing out of bed and getting ready for work. I’m groggy, yet switch to a state of alertness as I go through my routine, my mind busy checking off the to-do lists regarding work and projects. I find that the lights come on when I flip the switches and I don’t think anything of the phenomenon. The same with my car, or my morning meal (which always contains a soda instead of coffee). My car starts without any problems and I have a career that I enjoy. I don’t give any of these things a second thought. This is a routine that is not motivated by thankfulness.

Rearranging My Mindset

Truly, upon reflection mixed with this time of year, I find myself lacking. I have a tremendous amount of blessings in my life for which I am thankful and it’s important that I take some time to reflect.

So, I took a walk in the chilly, Autumn weather. The breeze was cool, yet buffeted by my jacket. The trees sang in a chorus of hushed whispers that I can faintly remember even now. I spent some time reflecting upon the things in my life that have truly been encouraging. Pondering these details, I find myself fortunate to be able to have such a list of personal treasures and fulfillment. I reflect upon each one and think about specific memories associated with each.

The specificity in which we can remember and place events or activities within our life is important. I find that my life can be too fast paced and my memory fails me if I don’t have a log of special happenings throughout the year. Are you the same?

Pondering the Past

Furthermore, I think about how to utilize these gifts, relationships, talents, and passions wisely. I have spent a healthy amount of time regarding my personal diligence and accomplishment with regards to writing this year. I am on the fast track to completing The Last Word, where even last year, my passion for writing was only beginning to be renewed. Now, here I am deep in the heart of the journey, determined to reach the end, passionate in the process. Each day, I can think of nothing more exciting than to build upon the progress made yesterday. I am thankful for this state of mind too; this steely tenacity that was before just a whimper of a familiar, lost voice that called to me from long ago.

I am thankful for my progress and also for my health. Even my state of mind: I am thankful that I am thankful. Now, I can press on, fully stirred and motivated by thankfulness.

A Beautiful Mystery

The passage of time doesn’t cease. It tells no secrets. It allows our own choices to be carried into the wind, carelessly tossed aside or carefully reflected upon on a day such as this. What days we have in this life; what opportunities with which we are presented. I choose today to be thankful and hope to remain in such a state, not just one day a year, but continually throughout the days that fill my life. I just need to perfect such an activity with regular, consistent appreciation for all that I have and all that I am becoming.

There are torrents of progress yet to be made; a streaming river full of movement that I fully expect to navigate and hope to come out the other side unscathed by the rocks of mental fatigue, hard work, or giving up.

Questions Without Condemnation

What does such a day as this mean to you? Do you experience your own time of reflection on personal growth? Are you thankful for the people you love, memories you’ve made, activities you’ve experienced? Is it regular?

These are not questions pillared on judgment from a condemning heart. Oh no, my friend. It is from a heart that is in awe of how this life progresses and how precious are the opportunities that we have to gather around with those we love. There are so many mysteries I don’t know; doors that I can’t open, no matter the effort I exert. Life is a beautiful gift we have been given. How do you choose to live it? If this blog has helped you to reflect in some meaningful way, please let me know in the comments.

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