Life is a fickle mystery. Sometimes it picks you up and tosses you around, like you’re some pinball that requires constant bludgeoning. Mixed with the brevity of life, we realize at a certain point that time is of the essence and we must make a decision to follow our dreams, if they are ever to be sought. This requires a leap of faith.

We are perched upon the ledge, our stance unsteady, as the wind of time urges us to press forward into the unknown. A mixture of dread and excitement fuel a pounding heart, until finally, what we know deep inside is firmly believed as truth. Standing there, knowing that opportunity is slipping through our grasp with each moment we delay, like the creaking foundation of the perch we stand on. Instinctively, we realize it will give way into a depth of sorrow we won’t be able to overcome if we delay. We would fall into darkness, unable to recover from this lost chance, filled with regret.

I don’t want to be an old man, filled with hopes and dreams that were never attempted. To take a leap of faith and fail utterly must be so much better than to never try. One life is all we have. We fill our days with what consumes us; we run in the wind of short attention spans, neglecting the cost of our actions at the peril of our tomorrow. The deceitful dream calls out to us from beyond: someday, someday. And yet we delay.

A teenage boy constantly goes through this. Seeing a pretty girl, yet unable to take a leap of faith and discover if there is a connection. He relives the time of lost opportunity, lacks the courage to strike up a conversation, and dreams in the night of what might have been. He may never see her again. Ah life, a land aplenty with leaps of faith.

A leap of faith is a terrifying adventure. It could be filled with the sweetest surprises, surreal experiences, dreams come true, or deep disappointments. What a leap of faith teaches us, no matter the outcome, is that we can reach beyond ourselves, out into the night; a land filled with the unknown and somehow make our own way. A leap of faith can enrich our lives, embolden our courage, and live that life of adventure where we truly realize that anything is possible. Yes, anything.

Two powerful allies when grappling on that creaking ledge, desperate for courage, are research and calculation. A blind man may make a leap of faith to his peril. A studious man may cross that threshold unscathed, but only through careful observation. Be wise in this life as to the chances you take. A well-defined strategy can illuminate the unknown.

Then there is the peculiar heart. The emotions inside that lead us in certain directions and both help and hinder the thresholds we cross. The matters of life are bound up tight yet constantly unraveling in that secret place. We must draw the mind into the dance, for we can’t possibly let the heart perform a solo, lest we find ourselves a jester, clumsily dancing into this disaster, then another, all the while an audience laughs at us from afar. “What a madman!” they exclaim.

However, add research to your craft, calculate the cost, define the details, and you can summon the answer to the questions in the dark. Even with deep matters of the heart, such as love.

I am writing this to encourage you today. Know thyself. Find that passion within you. We only live once. Dabble in different directions. Find what it is on this Earth you were born to do and do it mightily. Discover who you love. Take a leap of faith.

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