A deceitful dream lies in each of our hearts. However, this month has been filled with excitement, like I’m in the middle of a whirlwind due to me following my dream. Momentum builds in the pursuit of my passion without much effort, not because I have become lackadaisical, but due to the progress I continually make. It has set my heart in a constant soar, as if I’m on a cloud propelled by passion.

A Vibrant Life

I say this because it is a new experience for me. Life has suddenly become more vibrant, more alive. This is due to following my passion. Sure, I go to work to a regular job, I am involved in other life routines like everyone else, but in my spare opportunities I am constantly working behind the scenes, dedicated to turn passion into reality and take it from a part-time practice to a full-time devotion.

A Dream for Anyone

This vibrancy I speak about can be made true for anyone. When you and I end up living a life which doesn’t involve our passion, we end up settling and our excitement is etiolated, or weakened. If we settle for long enough and don’t break the cycle with work on our part to fulfill our dreams, then we simply will not live vibrantly. In fact, in our settling, we have succumbed to a way of life that is the very definition of mediocrity. Instead of burning brightly in this life, we squeak by, eager to punch as exit clock on Friday afternoon while dreading the next Monday morning that rolls around. Sound familiar?

A Deceitful Dream

What of the deceitful dream I spoke about? A deceitful dream can make us carry on in a world of make believe while time passes us by. Without taking action, your dream, that once brightly-lit flame, will dull as time wears away your enthusiasm. A dream by definition, is the real you, making your mark on this planet with your particular giftedness.

Without you pursuing your passion, the world is truly at a loss. Without you making impact, a void is left in the wake of where you were created to stand. There isn’t someone else qualified to fill your shoes, and alas, the rest of us have to settle without your touch in the world. Dare I say, that we each need to desperately and without reservation pursue our passions. The people who do so will have a vibrant life. The people who sleep in a deceitful dream are stuck in a time capsule, letting life slip on by.

Time to Wake

Don’t allow a deceitful dream to gnaw away your time. Time is your most valuable commodity. The minutes that pass will never be reclaimed. Maybe I sound like a broken record on this motivational blog, but I believe it is part of my duty to forge ahead in my own pursuits while encouraging others to plow their own paths. What have you to lose while striving in the pursuit of such giftedness? Will it be hard work? Yes. Will it require a great deal of time? Yes. Will it take all of my energy that I currently consume otherwise? Absolutely.


The reward though far outweighs the investment. I have nothing so far as returns go in my pursuits, but I am thrilled by the progress I have made in my journey. Indeed, personal satisfaction is a huge part of the reward. Now, I can’t believe I wasted so much time and energy in my life on vain things. I can’t imagine returning to the way I had lived for so long. This is a paradigm shift for me.

Once Upon a Time

Once I believed it was too late to take this journey. Now, I can think of nothing more than burning brightly in my pursuit. No, we shouldn’t waste our time in empty causes. A bit of down time is needed so we can become refreshed and carry on, but we shouldn’t live there. This is our tendency though. We like to take the easy road, the lighter path. We owe it to ourselves to be involved in so much more. Where does your once upon a time begin?

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