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Welcome to the definitive book trailer maker service. Authors, rejoice! This is the place where you can purchase high-quality, engaging video book trailers for your fantastic novels at a fraction of the cost of other services.

Take a look at the trailers below and see what our team can do for you.

Premier Video Book Trailer

A video book trailer has the power to captivate your target audience and wow your super fans. Imagine being able to harness the power of video when you release your book. Or plop several teaser trailers like the one here to garner excitement that carries over into insta-buys when launch week hits!

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

According to Hootsuite, Facebook video ads have double the engagement rate over static image ads. You need your book in this space to keep up with the competition. 

 Make a Faster ROI

Hubspot states businesses that use video make money 49% faster than those who don’t.

Video Book Review Trailer

Do you have amazing book reviews you wished you could show the world? What if you could put a “best of reviews” collection before the eyes of your customers? The best form of advertisement is still word of mouth. Have your fans raving about how much they loved your book in video format for thousands of new readers to watch.

Advantages of Book Trailers

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage over the Competition. Not Many Authors Use this Level of Quality Video!


  • Drive down the Cost Associated with Building Your Email List


  • Promote a Sale


  • Create Multiple Trailers to A/B Test Which Performs Best for Different Audiences.


  • Provide Permanent Buzz on Your Landing Pages & Website.
  • Drive Your Advertising CPC Down. Many campaigns are receiving clicks or signups for pennies on the dollar.


  • Create Buzz for a Novel Soon-to-be-Released or Newly Released.


  • Gain More Exposure, Create Better Engagement, & Higher Conversion Rates!


  • Revitalize A Backlist Title.

Perfect for Social Media

  • Crush the cost of new leads. 64% of customers are more likely to buy if they have watched a video.
  • Instantly grab your audience’s attention.
  • Social media audiences are more like to share a great book trailer with their friends.
  • The lowest cost per conversion avenue possible. 

Ignite Your Fan Base

  • Sell more books.
  • Make the best, first impression.
  • Link your book trailer everywhere, including YouTube, your website, social media, social media ads, with your email list and Google.
  • Build Your Fanbase faster.
  • Excite Readers into purchasing the book instantly.

Working with Timothy was an absolutely wonderful experience.

He listened carefully to my concept for the trailer and partnered with me through its production. His ideas for music choices were on point and every time I requested a change, he was happy to do it.

He even sometimes presented me with an array of options to choose from, which made everything easier. From fonts, to bigger shots, to narrative, we worked closely to create an incredible trailer for my book. I’m very grateful and would recommend Timothy in a heartbeat.” 

Garon Wade

Book Trailer Maker Packages


Free Trial

Free Trial






Your Text

Your Text

Your Text

Your Text




One 15 Second Trailer

Custom Designed

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Platforms




One 15-30 Second Trailer

High Quality Background Music 

Custom Designed

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Platforms




One 1 Minute Review Trailer

Showcase Your Best Reviews 

High-Quality Background Music

Custom Designed

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Platforms




Choose Any Mix of Premier or Review Trailers

Premier Trailer Length : 30 Seconds Max

Review Trailer Length : 1 Minute Max

Two Trailers up to 1 Minute OR One Trailer Up to 2 Minutes

High-Quality Background Music

Custom Designed

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Platforms


Add Voice Over to Any Premier Video for an Additional Fee.

Videos are sized for the platforms you specify. All you’ll have to do is upload it!


What can be done with a Basic video trailer?

The Basic video trailer is a 15 second snapshot of your book to create excitement among your superfans. These are perfect for building initial buzz about a new release or creating engagement on social media prior to release.

What can be done with a Premier video trailer?

Anything you want! It could be used for new releases or a backlist title. You could promote a sales event or use it as a coming soon trailer. Do you have a novel you give away for free that leads into a series? Then the Premier video is the trailer you want to use to attract new readers.

What can be done with a Review video trailer?

The Review is designed specifically to promote novel reviews. Scene selection can be modified with this format.

What are platform packages?

A platform package is a video format that will display your book trailer properly. All you’ll have to do is upload it. The following platform packages can be selected:

Website & YouTube | Social Stories & Snapchat | Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter | Mobile 1st Ads

What is a Mobile 1st Ad platform package?

A mobile ad platform package gives you a video formatted specifically to promote your novel on social media ad platforms, but focus primarily on mobile device users.

What if I don't like my video? What are the different revision options?

Revisions include scene, text, or music revisions. You can have a maximum of 3 music revisions with unlimited scene and text revisions. We try to locate the type of music you want through your description, so please specify if you have a preference. 

Expert video creation that dazzles readers. We know how to capture a reader’s attention through video. What are you waiting for? Book a video trailer today!

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