Authentic. The word is such a simple adjective that holds fathoms of meaning. The true depth of the word is quite unknown when used to describe someone. Each of us, whether we choose to admit it or not, are distinctly authentic. Think of all the people, no matter the time in history, no matter the place or country, who have lived, and yet, none of us are the same. We are malleable in so many ways. We can be shaped by our culture, molded by those we hold dear in our hearts, raised and disciplined by our parents, or grow up under the tutelage of others. We all have the choice to accept or reject the premises that others may hold important and when we come into contact with someone who truly believes in a facet of life or lives by a similar cadence as our own, our hearts are warmed. Friendships bloom and flourish under such circumstances. We are truly impressionable. Our lives are like a flowing river, turned here and there, swept by the current of our influence and whisked away by the pursuits of personal priority or importance. Or at least, a life can be lived that way.

One way that we are authentic is that we all have certain talents. It amazes me that people can stumble upon a talent that they possess at any given time, on any given day. As children, we may find special affections for particular activities. While it is nice for those who have natural ability in a given field, others may not have that innate ability or particular capacity to be drawn as a magnet to special purpose. Those with natural ability who choose to hone their skill and wield it valiantly, become masters of their craft. People who discover their talent early in life have a golden opportunity to utilize those early years to persist in the continuous pursuit of mastery. A stroke of luck in the discovery yields plentiful opportunities to use their unique giftings.

It is sad that some don’t find their talents until later in life, or even worse, never discover them at all. Your talents will bring you an indescribable satisfaction. I can’t begin to convey the feeling of fulfilled purpose to you when I use my writing talent, especially when I come to the end of a project. Not because the project was burdensome, but because I have reached a sense of accomplishment regarding my activities. We all enjoy completing projects, crossing the finish line, or making progress in some way.

The Pivotal Task

Your first duty to yourself is to discover your talent(s). How might this be accomplished? By listening to yourself. You may be asking, what exactly do you mean? There must be some part of you that draws you to something, some activity that you are either curious about, some field of work that tickles your imagination or brings excitement. It may not even be occupational, but then again it may. If you can find the area that brings you delight, excites you like nothing else, then, not only have you have learned a great truth about yourself, you may have very well found one of the greatest purposes for you being here. No one in this life is without purpose. Your contributions, pursuits, and interests are genuinely unique. The sooner you discover what your life is to be about, the better you can exploit the opportunities that await your specific giftings.


Testing the Talent

What if the talent that you believe you have may not truly be a talent? That is where practice comes into the pursuit. Just like a confused student who enters college sometimes doesn’t know the field of study that will suit them, so it is with understanding your talents. It is true that many people storm through the doors of university, looking to advance their future, without the slightest idea of who they are looking to become in the coming years. This is quite normal on a large scale. Practicing the activity will do wonders to answer this primary question. If it truly is something you are passionate about, then it is most likely a talent. If you find that in the actual practice that your interests aren’t truly aligned with the activity, then you now know that you have to correct the course and pursue something else. It is wise to test the waters before committing fully to a particular area of expertise. I’ll blog about this concept more in a future post.


Pursuit of Purpose

Once you find what that talent or talents may be, then it is time to roll up your sleeves and start doing the heavy lifting. What?! There is work involved? Yes, and I dare say there is lots of it! Pursuing your talent should be done with diligence. Be eager to receive as much help as you can from outside sources. If this includes time in college in the pursuit of a degree that will further enable your talent, then by all means, take the time to go through that process. That can take anywhere from 2 – 4 years, but the price will be well worth its weight in gold if it is truly aligned with your interests. Keep in mind something else: don’t confuse the struggle and hard work of learning with not being truly interested in a certain talent. This can cause someone to go into the wrong area altogether as much as someone who doesn’t put thoughts behind their actions. This could very well cause someone who has found a true talent to take the wrong road based purely on the difficulty of the venture. The road to mastery, even for those pursuing true talents, is not without bumps or potholes. The task is never promised to be easy, but in the end fulfilling and overflowing with personal satisfaction.


Where Are You?

I encourage you to think over what I’ve stated and use it heartily to your own advantage. If you are just starting out and take these words to heart, you will be on your way to a life well lived. If you aren’t just starting out, but some place later on, like myself, I encourage you to look behind you briefly and ask yourself a few questions. Is what I’m doing now what I was born to do? Am I regularly filled with joy and satisfaction in my activity? At the end of my life, will I be able to smile upon my actions and know that they were in line with my purpose?

I’d love to know where you are in your journey! Please leave a comment below if you would like to let the Moonlight Community know!


In Closing

Out of this entire planet and all the people that have lived, there is only one you. Only you have your talent mixed with your own twist, dreams, desires, and aspirations. Your distinct uniqueness brings the vibrance that the world needs desperately in some specific area. If you aren’t sure where you stand, then happy hunting! If you are on your own unique vibrant road, then congratulations, work hard to turn your dreams into reality. Remember, your success is measured by the joy you receive and the satisfaction in which you soak.

You may think of this as strange for a motivational piece of writing, but I hope it has brought you some measure of encouragement. I believe that starting in the area of talent and moving forward from there will bring great value to the readers of this blog. We must have a starting point, a place where we can begin to map our journey. If we have a beginning, we can certainly measure our progress and that act alone can give great comfort as we progress. If you would like to receive updates about to the Moonlight Community!

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