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My novels are suspense and mystery driven with possible shades of science fiction, horror, or supernatural elements.

The one thing you can expect is the unexpected. I’m always devising crazy twists for my fans in ways I hope they never see coming. Read my reviews and you’ll constantly find “couldn’t put it down” or “never expected the ending.”

Come join the fun. Download my free novella, Harrowed Dreams below and get to turning those pages.

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Penny has dreams. Harrowed dreams. Stark and unsettling, they fly through miles of her subconscious, jar the corridors of restless sleep.

Although the nightmares affect her physically, the painful aftermath is the least of her concerns. Penny has no memory of her magnificent manor residence, no remembrance of any detail of her life. The staff who work in her exclusive mansion hold a certain fear in their eye, a tremble on their tongue. What are they hiding?

The sparse details they reveal leave a trickling breadcrumb trail of ghastly secrets Penny may not be ready to face. As the hours tick by through the hands of a grandfather clock, the twisted discoveries gnaw at her subconscious, tickling vague recollections of something which seems lost, but not forgotten, buried but certain to be resurrected.

From the author of The Last Word and Waiting in the Night, comes a stylish character brimming with intrigue, painted with ingenious mystery, and hopefully strong enough to carry the immense responsibility she was intended to bear.


The Penny Prelude Secret #2

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A terrorized little girl, a writer stalked by his own nightmares, and a pair of secret-keeping detectives are the kindling for page-burning suspense.

On a cold night in Texas, nine-year-old Sally Kyles wakes to her mother’s ghastly screams. Alone and afraid, she quickly realizes someone else is in the home and now, he knows she’s there too.

Budding Tampa writer, Jack Crumbwell, is the publishing world’s new kid on the block. While reeling from the success of his debut novel, he quickly discovers that some horrors are best left unwritten.

NYPD Detective Howard Fulton and his partner Rebecca are waging a war against an invading drug cartel. In the grip of real danger, trust is as valuable as life itself. It’s too bad they’re both keeping secrets from each other.

Three very different settings with equally diverse characters, but one dark secret will bring them all to the doorstep of their worst nightmare.

From the author of Harrowed Dreams enters an unputdownable thriller which will yank you into a dark, disturbing realm where the only light left on will be at your bedside.

The death of a founder, plus a grieving daughter, leads a corporation to turn to the dark side.

When Claire Bigsby buries the founder, the devastating loss seeps into her bones, hollows out her soul. Losing her father, who loved her unconditionally, becomes the hardest chapter of her life. It must have been why she didn’t give the bald man staring her down at the funeral a second thought.

But when evening comes and she’s home alone, terror swoops into plain sight. A stranger in the night watches her from across the street, but is this the same man she saw at the funeral? Before she can find out, the night turns wrong and forces her to follow a trail that could mean her doom as well.

Meanwhile, something is churning in the depths of her father’s corporation.

Executives are lusting for ultimate power. A power so devastating, a secret so deadly, that only the darkest of hearts clamor as it is hastened into existence. One loyal employee though, might be able to derail the spoiling of an empire.

A story of honor and heartbreak, deception and cruelty, filled with high-speed turns and tragedy, as Claire and her friends work to discover the truth while a sinister plot unfolds to silence them at all costs.

Timothy Moonlight engineers a ramped plot, laden with suspense that transforms into page-turning fiction, pushing you down a dangerous rabbit hole without guardrails. If you like the terrifying antics of Dean Koontz, enjoy gut-wrenching twists you never see coming, and climactic endings that call to you days after you finish reading, then make The Last Word your next book.

Buy The Last Word today and experience the deepest chills of the year for yourself.

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”
-Og Mandino

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